Near Life Experience Bootcamp

Near Life Experience Bootcamp

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The Full Moon energies are upon us!!!


How are you feeling? Are you feeling a deep release of ALL of the situations in the past that you held back on speaking your truth? ALL the times you allowed your boundaries to be pushed just a little bit further? ALL of the times you didn't go after the bigger dream or take the chance on something you really wanted?


This Full Moon is reminding you of ALL of the times you played small. The times that you allowed yourself to see someone else's power as greater than your own. ALL of the times you allowed yourself to be tossed around in the current of life. This isn't punishment...this is to show you how you can choose again. This energy gateway is showing you ALL of your possibilities and your chance for a cosmic redo!


Will you choose to be bigger and brighter this time?


This Month's Group Call will guide you deep into the darkest recesses of your mind to release ALL outdated programs, patterns, thoughts, and vibrations that have accumulated over lifetimes with the assistance of this cosmic gateway.


This is no ordinary Full Moon! This is 2018 giving you exactly what you need to have a clean slate.


This is a Full Moon, Blue Moon, and Lunar Eclipse in is packing a cosmic punch to give us the momentum and start we need to live on our terms!


Full Moons help us release the old, so we are in a clear space to create the new we desire in our lives.


Lunar Eclipses are cosmic gateways. The gateway lasts two weeks...until the New Moon. These gateways help us "see" our lives clearly. They give us insight into what isn't working and what we really want propelling us forward with greater ease and momentum if we know how to harness the energy of the gateway.


This Group Call will do just that!!!


During the call we will give you all of the necessary tools to maximize this gateway to make this year your best ever.


  • We will have a guided meditation to release ALL of the old, so you can fully anchor into this gateway.
  • We will open to the New Earth energies that are coming in to raise your vibration.
  • We will balance your masculine and feminine aspects, so you have the perfect balance of intuition and action
  • We will balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain for the perfect balance of logic and reason with creativity and inspiration
  • We will also active your Vagus Nerve (parasympathetic nervous system). This is the Zen part of your nervous system. 
  • We will offer THREE oils to choose from this month to assist with these very powerful energies
  • We will provide all of the tips and support you need to fully anchor into this amazing gateway


* The sympathetic nervous system is faster-acting than the parasympathetic system, and moves along very short, fast neurons. The sympathetic nervous system activates a part of the adrenal gland named the adrenal medulla, which then releases hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones activate the target muscles and glands, causing the body to speed up and become tense, as well as more alert. Functions that are not immediately essential (like the immune system) are shut down to some degree.


* The parasympathetic, or “rest and digest” system is a much slower system that moves along longer pathways. The parasympathetic response is responsible for controlling homeostasis, or the balance and maintenance of the body’s systems. It restores the body to a state of calm and counterbalance, and allows it to relax and repair.