Cosmic Blessings Group Call

Cosmic Blessings Group Call

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Have you been feeling the 4:4 Gateway that opened today?

These energies have been intense! You might be feeling the push to go bigger with your life and move into newer, more expansive versions of yourself! As with all powerful energies, it is out with the old and in with the new.

As these energies begin to work through your system, you might be feeling all of those times you said "no" to people and situations that were perfect for you, but you didn't feel you were ready for yet. You might be feeling old stories rise for one last show down. Tears may fall as the wounded healer in you releases her identity with any victim energies. You might feel the God/Goddess in you wanting to be set free. 

This is the push you have been waiting for! You are getting exactly what you wanted it just might be a little uncomfortable as you expand and grow into him/her.

You are ready! The time is now!

During this powerful group call we will assist you in releasing that old skin and those old energies, so you can comfortably settle into and anchor into this bigger and brighter you! 


During the call we will give you all of the necessary tools... 

  • We will have a guided meditation that will help you release deep layers of "not enough," victim hood on any level, places you still want to play small, places you want to push away all that you really want, and much much more!
  • We will open to the New Earth energies that are coming in to raise your vibration. 
  • We will create Bling Energies that will amplify your manifestations
  • We will offer oils to assist with these very powerful energies