Cosmic Blessings Group Call

Cosmic Blessings Group Call

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These group calls are energetic support for all of the amazing progress you have and will make along your journey. Each call will be tailored to the specific energy challenges of the month to assist you in gliding through the month to easily maintain focus, clarity, and direction.


The biggest obstacle in manifesting our deepest desires is old programs and agreements, lack of clarity, a build up of other people's energies that cause confusion, being hooked into collective energies, lack of daily energy management, lack of energy daily to create momentum for tasks and projects that will fully anchor us into our desired futures, and not knowing what you want or fear of how to get it.​​​​​​​


These group calls support releasing old, outdated programs and agreements and energetic overlays from other people to keep your energy balanced, your mind focused, and your spirits high so you are in the zone daily.


The monthly group call will help you maintain optimal daily energy to keep your life moving in the direction of your goals, so you create them faster and they get bigger and better as time goes on.


It takes time to build a dream life step by step...this program assists you in seeing results from your daily actions faster.


Immediately after purchase you will receive a email with group call details, date, and time.​​​​​​​


ALL group call replays are just as effective as the live call. The energies and downloads are just as powerful in the replay, so if you are unable to attend live you will receive the same benefits.​​​​​​​