“I sent Chameice pictures of myself and my partner for our session and asked her to read the energy signatures so I could have clarity about the direction of our relationship. She was extremely accurate and even described him as a "gypsy soul!"

This describes him perfectly. She further explained that our relationship is a perfect energetic match for me currently because it supports my empowered energy; That he helps me stay in my power and allows me to step out of co-dependency patterns that many cultures consider love. She identified that he helps me understand unconditional love on a deeper level.

She described our unique love signature without me saying anything. I also asked her if she could assist me in better understanding the rebellious nature of my daughter and she explained the situation perfectly and accurately. I now have a better understanding as to what my daughter is experiencing emotionally and can try to take the necessary steps to help her move forward. I would highly recommend Chameice as her sessions are as informative as they are accurate in assisting you to find the peace to move forward.”

~ Eram Saeed- Creator of the From Heartache to Joy Global Tele-Summit


"Within the first minute Chameice saw what my childhood was like; how I felt and how that has been affecting me to this day. She went on further by describing the blocks she saw and removed them. She is very thorough, she explained everything she did, and explained how to keep myself squeaky clean. I was really impressed by her accuracy, the speed at which she works, and the compassion with which she embraces the time with her client."

~Christine Williams- Creator of the Greatest You Tele-summit


"I purchased Chameice's program and it is amazing! I loved the MP3s; I can feel the energy flowing through and into me, the meditations and clearings are really amazing (felt the effect after listening to it). After listening my day would become easier and things will flow smoother through the day especially in my work.

After the first one to one call with Chameice, I felt much lighter and happier and the surprise was on the next day :) I received an email from my work (pay role department) telling me that I am eligible for a distinction allowance and will receive it with this month salary, we are talking about what equals $7000!!!
Thank you so much Chameice! I am so grateful for your help and really appreciate you and your work. I am so excited to see more improvements in my life and to be on the next journey once you release any other program. Much love to you dear

~ Rabab Alrakaf


"Dearest Chameice,

I am so grateful for your beautiful work. Your program has changed my life on so many levels. Your meditations are very powerful. I listen to them all the time and can truly feel the vibrations of Peace, Unconditional Love and Joy marinating my energies. Most recently, your Lion’s Gate meditation had a profound effect on me. I’d been feeling as though my soul and spirit were ensnared within a tangle of thorns. As you guided us through the meditation, I felt angels lovingly untangling and setting me free and all of the heaviness uncoiling and falling away. So much freedom and space was opened up, and I knew that I could move forward and create the life I truly desire.

As I do my 8X8 work, I am expanding and seeing positive results which are growing exponentially. I have actualized the ideal home for me and my son and just manifested funds for the first two month’s rent! As I continue utilizing your material, my confidence and ease in realizing the life I have desired for so long continues to unfold in the most amazing ways.

Thank you so very much, Chameice for your gracious beauty and generosity in guiding me to an abundant and joyful life. My exuberance has returned, and I’m excited to experience more expansion and the unfolding of the magnificence of the possibilities which are available in life.

I am eternally grateful.

Much Love and Many Blessings to you ~ Namaste!"

-Maureen Damery


"I had an incredible day today. The person renting my condo asked if he could extend his lease for another year. Best news, as the renter is a responsible person who pays rent on time and is a business person who travels a lot. My response, woohoo! What relief on my part as this will be seamless without disruption of cash flow. I am so grateful. This happens a few days before I depart for NZ this coming Monday. So, I don't have to worry about new tenant moving in while am out of the country. I feel blessed. Thank you Chameice Daniel RH for the great program. This is hardly two weeks since I started with your program on June 30th."

-Thembie Gamache


“I have to tell you the best thing ever! I did what you told me and today I got a cheque in the mail for over £2000!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I had given up on getting this money because it was from years ago. Love you and your program Chameice!!!”

-Maureen Thompson


"I was lucky that Chameice asked me to help her test her new abundance program to make sure it worked for different people not just her. I have never felt like a lucky person but since Chameice taught me how to manifest right I am getting almost anything I want.

I struggled to just make it through the month before Chameice taught me this system. I could barely pay my bills. I was living pay check to pay check. Now I have extra money to buys things I want not just what I need. I feel like I have a new life. If only I would have known this stuff a long time ago. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing new life.”



“I was skeptical about buying another abundance program because I have never had success with one in the past, but by the first two weeks I manifested a pay raise! I was delighted and will keep going to attract bigger things. Thank you!”

-Shelly Donovan


“OMG. I just manifested my dream job. I have wanted this job for years and never thought I would get it, but just decided to go for it. Now it is mine with paid travel expenses! Thank you thank you thank you.”

-Amelia Somerset


“I keep getting money off for the things I purchase! Every time I go to buy things I need they are on sale. It feels like my birthday every day. Love this feeling.”

-Rebecca Miller


“I wanted a dream boyfriend so badly, but had almost given up. I tried The Abundance Code and bumped into him the other day. I started to go into the old programs of “He wouldn’t go for me. I’m too old for him. I’m not his type.” Then I stopped and remembered what you told me. So, while I finished my shopping I was imagining him asking me out and all the fun we would have. When I went to leave the store, he was there and asked for my number! He actually called last night and we went out. It was amazing. We have been talking nonstop since. You are a magic worker!”

-Suzie Callor


"I was in a marriage I hated and didn’t feel supported. I had a dead-end job with crap pay. And I felt trapped in someone else’s life before this program. Once I started the program I just felt different. I didn’t know how or why, but I felt better even though nothing had changed. Then I found myself saying no to people and things that didn’t make me happy. I started to speak up and tell people what I wanted instead of trying to always make them happy. Now I feel like there is hope for my marriage because my husband asks if I need things and we are going out together again. I quit my job and found one I love and that pays better. I feel like a new and empowered woman! Watch out world, this girl speaks her mind now.”

-Chris Zontagio


“When I started this program with Chameice I was shopping for publishers for my book. I was willing to try anything to land a publishing contract. During my first session with Chameice, she showed me how many abundance blocks I had. I didn’t realize how negative I had become and how negatively I talked about my dreams. I had received so many rejections trying to find a publisher that I had emotionally given up! She busted me on my self-sabotage so I could start getting exactly what I want and I did! A publishing contract that was far more than I thought possible. She is a Goddess! Just do it. You will thank me.”

-Katrina Polinski


“When I started this program I didn’t love myself even a little. I wanted to change, but didn’t know how. After working with you I fell completely in love with myself. Your program helped me see that I deserved a lot more in my life and that it was possible for me to get it. I am taking care of myself, if I want something I go get it, and I don’t feel guilty about any of it. I feel like a million dollars. Thank you for giving me myself back!”

-Kara Smith


“I have always wanted to go to Greece and now I finally am! I just won an all-expenses paid trip to Greece in a Contest!!! Love you and I will send pictures!!!”

-Nancy Ferguson


“I was running low on money and had several days before I got paid, so I used your tips and just had $300 unexpectedly deposited into my bank account! This is awesome!”

-Sam Morris


“My car broke down and I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. I needed my car the next day to get to work. After crying for some time, I remembered what you told me. I calmed myself down and visualized getting the money to pay for my car. Within a few hours my phone alerted me that my ex just made a child support payment early! It was more than enough to pay for my car. Thank you!”

-Jennifer Pearson


"I would really recommend listening to the replay with Chameice and investing in her package! Chameice has a very fine high frequency heart-based energy, she is truly committed to empowering people. She is able to connect us with the depth of our Soul! ❤🌹 Her personal reading is amazing, I felt so much Lightness and Hope!"

-Anna Ferrero


"Hello beautiful ones, I would like to share my experience of my 1 to 1 session with Chameice Daniel which took place a few weeks ago. Frankly speaking, this is just for the purpose of expressing my gratitude and of course for me to acknowledge the significant shift that happened and still happening otherwise it won't be easy for me to describe what's happened and is still happening up now.

As far as scanning my energetics, Chameice Daniel was 100% spot on but what stunned me further was how she was able to gently blow off the debris and wipe out the negative imprints or energetic shadows of my old patterns leaving my fields spacious! While she did it, I didn't even feel it.... Whereas I had done so much work previously over the years and I had lifted off so much gunk, it looks like most of the gunk was still floating about in my fields and in the places where it'd previously been stored the marks remained.

For this reason, I had felt no difference within myself and kept myself on the clearing wheel. Chameice managed to help me get off the clearing wheel or rather the clearing conveyor belt. I felt at home right before the end of the session. That night I slept. I was so peaceful; for the first time in years I turned off my computer (I didn't have to put any MP3 on loop), I felt liberated! A few days later I was inspired to launch a Charitable Platform and I am now writing a book! My MEMORY is back! Thank You, thank you, thank you."

-Anne Hlatshwayo


"If you ever have a chance to work with Chameice Daniel you'll be in not only for a great treat but for such a life changing and empowering journey! Chameice has a very unique approach - she is not just a great healer, intuitive and coach - she is also empowering you every step of the way and teaching you necessary tools that help you know yourself so much deeper. I love Chameice's heart, her energy, wisdom, and kindness 💜💜💜"

-Angela Raine


"WOW & Thank you. That call last night was amazing. You are a true light worker. I now know what that means to me. Someone who shines so brightly that they need no words. It is their light that shines on our defects & brings out the lessons we need to learn. It is their light that shines on us so that we are inspired to give ourselves permission to step into our full light & become a light worker. It is our choice which way we want to go.

The people who instill limiting beliefs with their words are not light workers. They are simply teachers through resistance. Light workers teach through grace & a state of being. I choose to step into my light in order to fulfill my higher purpose to heal the world. I will be the star that I was created from. I release the ideas that were put upon me. I embrace all the light others have shined on me to teach me. I don't need to say anything or do anything to heal the world. I need just be bright & present.

Thank you Chameice for teaching me & being an example of how I want to go about the world. Thank you for lighting up my path. Super Love you!!!"

-Hilary Greer


"So grateful for my one-on-one-session yesterday!! Fantastic!! I have felt vibrant, energetic and Happy today! And I have already started taking inspired steps towards My amazing future! I have even felt passionate feelings today! And I booked a seat to go to a musical - important for me! Feels so fantastic in so many ways!! The tools and what you shared has helped me so much already!!! 🙏🏼Thank you so much Chameice!!!"

-Martina Lennstam


"Thank you for my session, Chameice. I've already begun to implement one of your suggestions. I signed up to spend a weekend learning 5 different crafts at my former college. I'm looking forward to more creative experiences - and am especially grateful for your continuing support over the next 21 days. I can't thank you enough. Your words resonate and fill me with hope."

-Germaine Kritzer Koomen


"Wow!! What an insightful one on one I had with Chameice yesterday. Thank you so much for the guidance. I'm so happy and excited for what the future will unfold for me. My heart space thanks you and thank you for helping me to realize my purpose. Much love and appreciation"

-Sandy Teichert


"Hi Chameice, I loved the call today. When we were with Kali Mah in front of the fire -- she was looking at me and then said and led me to the fire-- walk in and sit in the fire and release it all -- all the past, the childhood, the loves, the losses, the winnings all everything that is no longer you-- sit and watch it burn out of you and release it all -- it no longer serves you at all. This was one of the most powerful meditations.

Also, when we met with our High Priestess within us and she handed back the flowers -- there was an open check from the Universe. I see this as a positive sign that although I need to slow down and ask and wait and receive -- I am on track for my new business. The Tibetan singing bowls are supposed to arrive on Wednesday however the New England area is due for a snowstorm Tuesday -- this will delay delivery. I still have to find a place that will be willing to allow me to give 10 free sessions for my certification too.

I have requested an answer to that and feel in my bones that it will come when the bowls actually get here. Love this meditation! This was great work on the Full Moon and I really feel different even more so now. I am planning on a nurturing sea salt / lavender bath to relax and release lingering energies so that I can meet tomorrow fully released from that which no longer serves me! Gratitude abounds! I thank Kali Mah and my High Priestess and you! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I am so grateful!"

-Sandhya D. Srivastava


"Hi guys, it's been two weeks since I had my one to one session with Chameice. It's taken me all these days to figure out how best to share my experiences following the session but, here we go: I am just so grateful and excited to say that I am now consistently more relaxed & peaceful with less anxiety & stress. My mind is much more quiet and my spirit is light.

I truly feel lasting moments of Pure Stillness and Mysterious, Joyous and reassuring sparks of "being at Home. “The heaviness and fuzziness that I have felt for years, has lifted and I felt the lift right away! I occasionally feel teary but I get warm tears of relief not the burning dry tears of despair and confusion. I bet I won't ever have to mention them "D" & "C" words ever again... but I had to bring them up just to acknowledge them for while I knew what they made me feel like, I now can tell the difference between emotional prison and Pure Love xx. Thank you Chameice"

-Anne Hlatshwayo


"Dearest Chameice Daniel, I had a session on Friday night and you left me with powerful insights, and thoughts about the situation regarding my love life (I still wait for the things to unfold, but I already feel empowered). In many weeks, I slept well. I don't know what you did, but the next day I felt LOT better.

You came in not as a healer, but as a friend, who knows, who mentors. I love it when you help with your keen insights to genuinely help us. N we are just starting with group calls etc.

Your mp3s are powerful (I have had many releases, and purging, and still came back for more - going slow like the instructions.). I feel empowered to be "me", and encouraged to shine my light (many "told" me for the sake of telling - but you guided...n the way you guided was beautiful. SO happy to have found a mentor n friend in you. love and light"

-Sari Grace


"Just had my first phone call with Chameice, and she is INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend her to everyone. So gifted, so able to tune into things right off ... and fast. Clearings, insight ... it's all there in a snap (no year-long therapy, thank you!)"



"Chameice identified and addressed my multi-lifetime problems, that persisted despite previous help from excellent sources. She has a wonderful combination of warmth and generosity, with extraordinary power and ability. Working with her has enhanced my life."

- Susan


"Chameice addresses so many key issues, and I'm so grateful to be a part of this group call! Chameice is an authentic healer and amazing intuitive. Thank you for bringing this call and awesome packages to us!"

- Deborah


“Chameice is a wonderful healer!! I have worked with her before, I found her to be very spot on and a true pleasure to work with!! You feel very cared for and supported when working with her, she is an amazing, gifted healer!!! Highly recommend her ”