Meditation MP3s

These MP3s assist you in releasing programs and agreements that are not for your highest good, traumas/dramas, entities, earth bound spirits, dark energies, soul overlays, black magic, and much more. After releasing all false soul encodings and attachments, the MP3s download and upgrade new soul codes for unconditional love, soul purpose, miracles, and any others that are needed individually.
They are set to Theta brainwave frequency to go deep into subconscious patterning for full release. The MP3s contain divine protection and are infused with essential oils, crystals, and energy that support the topic of the MP3. Find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted, where you can be fully present with yourself. It is suggested to listen to the MP3s before sleeping, so you can fully integrate the energy infused within them. These can be put on silent or looped because they are energy infused, so actively listening isn't necessary. Please drink a lot of water and take salt baths or be near water to quicken the release process.

Chameice Daniel~Intuitive Counselor